I'm ambivalent about chillwave lately. I feel like any asshole can now record delay-driven vocals over some obscure tempo-shifted vintage pop sample, hardly master it in their pirated copy of Ableton, and then post it virally on some dumbshit pseudo-artsy Tumblr account only to call it "chillwave". Where did the authenticity in this genre go? I'm starting to think it was never there. This past year showed that a lot of the blog-hyped electronic musicians had pisspoor showmanship when it came to playing shows. Forerunners like Neon Indian have polished their live act quickly. Washed Out seems like he's made it as well, if not only for his good looks. Toro Y Moi seems to show the most promise, as his newer music is heading in a different direction via some throwback rock and roll vibe.

I will be interested to see what happens to this genre in a year. That being said, I'm really into BLACKBIRD BLACKBIRD. They're based out of San Fransisco. You should scope this video for their single "Blind":

The video screams everything about this genre. I can get into it, even with this summer ending.

Vancouver-based chillwavers Teen Daze are pretty decent. They recently put out this hazy, dreamlike track that makes you feel like the summer is melting away in your hands.

I'll close this one out with a joint from Brothertiger, who albeit looks like some faggot with an Art Institute "degree" in "design", can churn out a pretty little melody like this one: