This fascinating youngster is a DJ/producer represented by Palms Out Sounds. He's been remixed and supported by Foamo, AC Slater, Klever, DJ Craze, the Trouble & Bass crew, Heavyfeet, and more. You might have even heard Kissy Sell Out play his jams on BBC Radio 1. Make some noise for B. Rich!

Best horror movie:

Best thing about the autumn:
Not sweating.

Worst thing about the autumn:
Nothing really. It's perfect.

Best autumn or Halloween snack:
Candy corn.

Best autumn or Halloween drink:
It's whiskey and bourbon time.

Something that creeps you out:
Bugs, namely spiders.

Your best autumn or Halloween party experience:
The Halloween party at my preschool when I was 5. I rocked a homemade Voltron costume made out of cardboard and colored electrical tape.

Favorite autumn outfit:
Jacket/blazer weather again.

Best autumn or Halloween song/album:
Whenever I think autumn or Halloween music, I immediately think of "Art of Drowning" by AFI for some reason. Ain't a bad thing.

Halloween party romance tip:
Leave the fangs on. 

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