What better way to start our CREEP-ASS AUTUMN with none other than Johnny Love (of DEATHFACE / Guns n Bombs). This fellow has been devastating subwoofers globally - even recently coming through here in Asia. He also runs with those wild dudes at Trouble & Bass NYC. Give it up for the dark prince of bass himself!

Best horror movie: 

Best thing about the Autumn: 
Wearing a leather jacket.

Worst thing about the Autumn: 
I can't wear white anymore.

Best Autumn or Halloween snack: 
Sweet potato pie.

Best Autumn or Halloween drink: 

Something that creeps you out: 

Your best Autumn or Halloween party experience: 
No idea.

Favorite Autumn outfit:  
Don't have one.

Best Autumn or Halloween song/album: 

Halloween party romance tip: 

And there you have it, folks. We don't fuck around here at CREEP-ASS AUTUMN. Stay tuned for more.