This is the guy fronting all of the madness that is world-class electro act Hot Pink Delorean. It's time to fuck models and pop bottles. Fresh off topping the Beatport charts and sweeping through Europe and the US - it's Jon Spero!

Best horror movie: 
"House of a Thousand Corpses"

Best thing about the autumn: 
Fall clothes.

Worst thing about the autumn:
 College students.

Best Autumn or Halloween snack: 
Candy corn.

Best autumn or Halloween drink: 
Hard apple cider.

Something that creeps you out:

Your best autumn or Halloween party experience:
Thunderdome, like three years ago. I wore feet pajamas and a Venetian mask, drank myself stupid, and  almost got arrested for running around in front of the police station with a 2x4 hitting street signs. Then I went to an afterparty, at which point I can't tell anymore of this story.

Favorite autumn outfit:
 Hoodies and jeans.

Best autumn or Halloween song/album:
"Sounds To Make You Shiver" ... I don't know if it's actually considered an album, but it's just a ton of people screaming.

Halloween party romance tip:
The crazier you dress up, the more likely you are to get yourself a naughty school girl.

Check out their certified dancefloor killer and personal favorite, "Let's Go":

Stay tuned, as there is plenty more CREEP-ASS AUTUMN to be had.