This legendary NYC DJ, promoter, and producer coined the musical genre term Electroclash and helped launch the careers of such artists as Scissor Sisters, Fischerspooner, Peaches, and more. He also put out a hell of an album called "Clubb Badd" with features Roxy Cottontail, Bart B More, Perez Hilton, Edu K... you get the idea. She's pussy, she's cunt, she's giving what I want - let's work it out with Larry Tee!

Best horror movie:
"Hanaekes' Pieano Teacher"

Best thing about the Autumn:
Breaking out the designer sweaters.

Worst thing about the Autumn:
Season Affective Disorder kicks in.

Best Autumn or Halloween snack:
Pumpkin Pie (I'm American, remember?).

Best Autumn or Halloween drink:
Starbucks' Pumpkin Latte (I'm in recovery!)

Something that creeps you out:
Fashion week parties!

Your best Autumn or Halloween party experience:
The Electroclash Festival in 2001 with Peaches, Fischerpooner, Adult., WIT, Chicks on Speed and Ladytron all singing me happy birthday!

Favorite Autumn outfit:
My Kohnshin Satoh Reversable jacket with Hermes-style handprint camouflage & camel pants.

Halloween party romance tip:
Grab hands for the first time at a scary movie. You can act like you're afraid and so vulnerable.

MP3: "Let's Make Nasty (Afrojack & SAUR Remix)" by Larry Tee 

That's a wrap for this one. Who is our next creep? Keep in touch - there's more CREEP-ASS AUTUMN tomorrow!