You might know this lad as the drummer from a little known-group called Passion Pit, but we know him as Boston-native DJ Shuttle.  He can still rock a basement show in Mission Hill like none other. Hide your kids, hide your wife - it's Nate Donmoyer!

Best horror movie: 
"Wild Zero"

Best thing about the autumn: 
Long sleeve weather.

Worst thing about the autumn: 
First head cold.

Best autumn or Halloween snack: 

Best autumn or Halloween drink: 
Pumpkin-flavored blood.

Something that creeps you out: 
A Sarah Palin/Glenn Beck presidential campaign.

Your best autumn or Halloween party experience: 
Going to Point Lookout State Park in Maryland in 2004, where 5,000+ civil war soldiers froze to death, starved, or were executed. We mainly just listened to Portishead and scared the hell out of ourselves. There is something heavy in the air down there.

Favorite autumn outfit: 
Jeans and a jacket.

Best Autumn or Halloween song/album: 
"Six Wives of Henry VIII" by Rick Wakeman is a classic. Growing up, it was Portishead's self-titled. Now, it's "Liberation Through Hearing" by Demdike Stare.

Halloween party romance tip: 
Make sure that blood is fake... know what I mean? 

CREEP-ASS AUTUMN continues the madness tomorrow with Hot Pink Delorean. Keep your eyes on your computers, kids!