This is the girl behind popular fashion blog Click/Clash, who has may or may not been featured in places like Hipster Runoff, American Apparel, Singapore, Korea - you name it. She also may or may not be part of the Vice blog network. Mazel Tov! L'Chayim! Gesundheit! It's our favorite Jew - Susie G!

Best horror movie: 

Best thing about the autumn: 
The crisp cool air. There's something romantic about it, like something magical could happen. Plus you get to wear sweaters and flannel shirts.

Worst thing about the autumn: 
Days are shorter.

Best Autumn or Halloween snack: 
Caramel-covered green apple lollipops.

Best autumn or Halloween drink: 
Strongbow Cider.

Something that creeps you out: 
Red Lobster restaurants.

Your best autumn or Halloween party experience: 
My best autumn experience was the fall that I spent studying abroad in Edinburgh, Scotland. It is so beautiful there. I want to live there when I am older. Oh, and the Halloween party at Michelle Bablo's apartment in Boston in 2006 where there was a kid who just looked like Data from The Goonies. MC Chris crashed the party!

Favorite Autumn outfit: 
Salvation Army flannel shirt, black nylon tricut leggings, red socks, and combat boots.

Best Autumn or Halloween song/album: 

Halloween party romance tip: 
Girls: don't dress like a "slutty _____" for Halloween. 
Boys: dress like a "slutty _____" for Halloween.

Hey, you! Don't let your fingers off of that mouse or trackpad! There is still more CREEP-ASS AUTUMN!