This girl is far from creepy. You might find her shooting photos for parties like SWEAT Boston or maybe modeling in Elle for her throngs of admirers. Ay mamiiiii - it's Nikki Striebel!

Best horror movie: 
"The Strangers". That movie creeped me out so badly.

Best thing about the autumn: 
Carving pumpkins and apple picking. Hocus Pocus.

Worst thing about the autumn: 
Winter cold is a season away.

Best autumn or Halloween snack: 
Cinnamon cranberry baked apples.

Best autumn or Halloween drink: 
"Zesty Apple Cider" (Apple Cider & Apple Schnapps)

Something that creeps you out: 
I don't like it when people bite their forks. Makes my skin crawl.

Your best autumn or Halloween party experience: 
Nothing beats halloween parties in the Philippines. Amazing.

Favorite autumn outfit: 
Tons of layers. Heeled boots and big sweaters.

Best autumn or Halloween song/album: 
I love listening to Acceptance's "Phantoms"

Halloween party romance tip: 
If you like it, kiss it. 

Hey, Sully, dood-guy, bro; BOSTON WEEK continues tomorrow here at CREEP-ASS AUTUMN. So don't hang up that sheetrock in Gloucester just yet!

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