If you live in Boston and give half a shit about the way you dress, you have probably met / know / should know this guy. He and his equally cool sister run Rescue Buy Sell Trade on 244 Newbury Street. When he's not glaring at dumb rich girls trying to sell him flare jeans, you can also find him partying at Rescue Nite, which is directly related to their store and dubbed "Best Sunday Night" by the Boston Weekly Dig. Quick - look busy, Paul Mason is coming!

Best horror movie: 
I don't watch too many horror movies, but "Arachnophobia" scared the shit out of me when I was younger, and still creeps me out.

 Best thing about the autumn:
 The style. You just have so many options and can do so many layers. It's the best time of the year in terms of dressing.

Worst thing about the autumn:
The summer is over and the winter is almost here.

Best autumn or Halloween snack:
Candy. Any kind. I love candy.

Best autumn or Halloween drink:
Beer. Ice-cold beer.

Something that creeps you out:
Spiders creep me out, so do aliens.

 Favorite autumn outfit:
I don't have a favorite autumn outfit yet, but I did score this new black April 77 double-breasted pea coat, and I can't wait to wear it all the time.

Best autumn or Halloween song/album:
"Thriller". The song, not the the whole album.

Halloween party romance tip:
Don't dress too creepy or girls won't make out with you.