This 'gontolmon' defines CREEP-ASS AUTUMN. When he's not lurking in the shadows of /b/ at ungodly hours, you can find him hosting KarmaloopTV, spinning for his legion of fans in Boston, making mixes for little-known labels like Dim Mak Records, or fronting for Boston-based party Heartthrob. He's kooky, he's always relevant - but whatever you do, don't troll him about DJing events like Throwed (Hey, we've all been there). Let's welcome our friend, Julian Redfoxxworth!

Best horror movie: 

Best thing about the autumn: 

Worst thing about the autumn: 
No more swimming.

Best autumn or Halloween snack: 
I hate snacks, but I guess making smores is "fun" and "delicious".

Best autumn or Halloween drink: 
Same as all other times, straight vodka out of a flask. That, or blood.

Something that creeps you out: 
Human beings. Scariest things in existence.

Your best autumn or Halloween party experience: 
Montreal, period... I love you all and you know who you are.

Favorite autumn outfit: 
Scarves and hoods and boots and giant cartoon sweaters and fangs and long military jackets and black and white and olive everything.

Best autumn or Halloween song/album: 
I basically listen to "Killing Joke" on repeat in the fall. And Lycia's "Cold" when it's uh, cold out.

Halloween party romance tip: 
Make sure your costume is comfortable. Don't make it too messy... nobody wants to wait for you to take a 45 minute shower and ruin their towels before they fuck you. Bring extra drugs to share but don't do coke... there's much better choices for a party where everyone looks like a freak show. 

Don't move! There are many more freaky Bostonians geared up for this week's CREEP-ASS AUTUMN.