I don't know where to begin. Let's just get the ball rolling on this one.

Hi, I'm Zak Broman. At the time of writing this, I am twenty-two years old and making a living as an English teacher in southern China. I live roughly two hours north of Hong Kong. I'm originally from Boston, where I spent most of a misguided youth getting into all sorts of situations.

I'm going to use this blog mainly for sharing the music I enjoy, but you might also see some videos and pictures of my strange adventures in the Far East. I have seen a ton of shit since I arrived here ten months ago. I'm trying to get a camcorder at the moment so I can show you all the batshit craziness that is the People's Republic of China. The city of Dongguan, to be exact:

Most of the people reading this know me as a DJ and party promoter, which is something I picked up about three years ago. I am half of the Boston-based duo ROGUEWAVES. Although I no longer live in Boston, Justin and I are still constantly in touch, and we plan on releasing our EP via file swapping instrumentals and vocals. We are also tentatively having a reunion show this upcoming December.

I also co-founded an underground party called "TRUST", which recently had a party in South Boston - pictures of that as soon as I can get a hold of them. Here's a video of the previous madness, when we did a basement party with our friend Nate, who is the drummer for Passion Pit:

 I recently did a summer interview with my homeboy Genevan Heathen, who heads from France. You might know him as the dude who MCs on the Cuizinier (of French hip-hop group TTC) mixtapes. He also does some pretty rad throwback jams.

Naturally, I was stoked to be on his blog. You can read the interview here. While you're at it, buy some of his swag.

Thanks for coming by. Help spread the word. I was going to kick this blog off with an exclusive minimix by yours truly, but I'm too tired to master it. I'll throw it up tomorrow. In the meantime, here's a download of: