You may be asking yourself who this enterprising gentleman is. He's currently the driving force behind Tuesday nights at Zuzu with Work!. He is behind the infamous underground Bostonian "TRUST" parties, as well as 1/2 of ROGUEWAVES. Oh yeah, and he's my best friend, too. He doesn't like that bitch and he doesn't see her - it's Justincredible!

Best horror movie:
"Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh"

Best thing about the autumn:
Reminds me of Gotham City (in the first Batman).

Worst thing about the autumn:
Too close to real winter.

Best autumn or Halloween snack:

Best autumn or Halloween drink:
Tequila, as often as humanly possible.

Something that creeps you out:

Your best autumn or Halloween party experience:
Having sex with a random dude in my bathroom who was dressed like Mozart and kept his white wig on while my friends cheered me on in my living room.

Favorite autumn outfit:
Giant oversized black sweaters, and obviously flannel and Lil Kim t-shirts.

Best autumn or Halloween song/album:
"Everyday Is Halloween" by Ministry.

Halloween party romance tip:
"All you gotta do is ask."