This Hong Kong artist and tastemaker currently has artwork up at Fabrik Contemporary Art in Central HK. When you're not seeing her absolutely kill it at design or fashion, you can find her at essentially any key party on the island. She's hip, she's local - but don't call her a hipster. It's Sana Sedge!

Best horror movie:
"The Rocky Horror Picture Show"

Best thing about the autumn:
Fat girls stop wearing short shorts & tops that's too tight for their stomach.

Worst thing about the autumn:
That you always wish it last longer.

Best autumn snack:
Candies that are in the form of broken fingers, eyeballs, bats, worm, spiders, brain, blood.

Best autumn drink:

Something that creeps you out:

Your best autumn or Halloween party experience:
Being in LKF (Lan Kwai Fong) and watching these sluts wondering around in their "Halloween" costumes.

Favorite autumn outfit:
Harley Queen.

Best autumn song/album:
"Monster" by Lady Gaga. (Yeah, pretty scary, isn't it?)

Autumn party romance tip:
Halloween party ain't no romance, it's a fucking scary ass fuck fest horror show baby. 


That wraps it up for this week's HONG KONG edition of CREEP-ASS AUTUMN. Join us next week for (le gasp) EUROPE WEEK. I have some crazy special guests! We're going out with a bang!