This noted Hong Kong fashion blogger can also be found in London working for Top Shop. I met her while hanging out at Volar for Drop The Lime this summer and was swept off my feet by her legit-ass-coolness! She's also really obsessed with mooncake. Who's in charge of the girls? Strange Joanne is in charge of the girls!

Best horror movie: 
The japanese version of "The Ring". It's classic! I was scared and stayed in my sister's bed for almost a month when I was 12. But I have got over it now.

Best thing about the autumn: 
My birthday. This is the 24th. Also, mid-autumn festival with mooncake, families gatherd and appreciating the full moon. How romantic!

Worst thing about the autumn:
Awaiting for cooler weather. I'm longing to put on my boots, leather jacket or even the wintery mink. I have been missing them all over the summer!

Best autumn snack:
Again. Mooncake which I don't think you will like it. A very chinese style snack.

Best autumn drink: 
Are there any seasonal drinks? I have no idea. Maybe chinese tea with mooncake, then.

Something that creeps you out: 
The sound of metal friction. Killing me! (A tip for my enemies)

Your best autumn or Halloween party experience: 
All of my friends dressed up; we traveled from home to party by underground. People asked us for photographs. Stole a bottle of wine from bar and shared it! Danced until late!

Favorite autumn outfit: 
Black maxi dress with details/shredded T-shirt with denim shorts, my wavy hair, lips in black, red eyeshadow.

Best autumn song/album: 

Autumn party romance tip: 
Sexy Vamp. Get drunk.

 Tomorrow is the last day of Hong Kong week here at CREEP-ASS AUTUMN!