I felt like this past summer was one in which I delved into a lo-fi hip-hop phase. I'm talking about the bass-driven, sometimes-tropical-sometimes-funky jams that kept rotating in my playlist while I walked around the old dusty alleys and streets of southern China. This post is dedicated to Summer 2010, where shit was consistently chill and the nights permeated with drunken hazes.

I know that I've been hyping the shit out of Parisian beatmaker Onra so often that he should just start paying me, but I can't deny that this cat easily put out the album of the summer. The Long Distance LP blended future funk with a throwback sensibility. The title track, "Long Distance", is a testament to how this album made me feel - an appreciation for living abroad amongst all the city lights and people China and Hong Kong have been throwing at me. 

This track from eLan gives off the same vibe as the video for it does. Modelselektor ended up sticking this guy on one of his compilations after seeing said video. Peep it here:

Bahwee brings a tropical melody that elicits beach time in Vietnam - or at least it did for me. Chill-bro-chill.

Finally, we have French-Brazilian artist Hazel, who produces smooth music to fuck to. Just listening to this jam makes me feel dirty.