Autumn has came and went this year. I've had the pleasure of creepin' with all sorts of people this past fall - Larry Tee, B. Rich, Passion Pit, NON Records, and people from all ends of the globe. Thanks to everybody who has helped out and visited. I'm hoping to update this more frequently as we venture into 2011.

There's no better way to cap off CREEP-ASS AUTUMN with none other than the very man who inspired it. When this bomb ass Genevan isn't interviewing alternative tastemakers for "Sensitive Summer", pushing out music with friends Mattfoley, Teki Latex, Cuizinier and others, he's holding it down as arguably the chillest dude in Europe. You can come and play, it's all fun, you know - but at the end of the day, you're dealing with the heavyweight champion of this shit - Genevan Heathen!

Best horror movie: 
Phantasm, A Nightmare on Elm Street, the Evil Dead trilogy, Creepshow, Re-Animator, Street Trash, Fright Night, House, Gremlins, Bad Taste and the list goes on.

Best thing about the Autumn: 
Horror movies.

Worst thing about the Autumn: 
Nothing, I love everything.

Best Autumn snack: 
Steak tartare, aka raw meat.

Best Autumn drink: 
Suchard, obviously.

Something that creeps you out: 
Pretty much everything creeps me out... in a good way.

Your best Autumn or Halloween party experience: 
The Phenomenal Slaughter Party Massacre Vol.I in Geneva last year! This, and spending Halloween home with 13 horror movies to watch.

Favorite Autumn outfit: 
I'm big on scarves.

Best Autumn or Halloween song/album: 
"A Nightmare on Elm Street score" by Charles Bernstein, The Monster Mash, "Cry Little Sister" off the Lost Boys soundtrack and this Mattfoley remix.

Autumn party romance tip: 
Never fall asleep. Don't eat after midnight. Create that special someone with your computer.

Don't forget to check out this awesome gem of a music video he just put out:

Again, my thanks and well wishes to everybody who participated in CREEP-ASS AUTUMN. I'll be sure to do it again next year.

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