Porcelain Raft sounds exactly like it's namesake - delicate, drifting melodies that take a lot from 90's shoegaze. The dude hails from London and fucking kills it. You don't find quality buzzbands like this too often, so check it out.

Strange Talk is the band apparently everybody is talking about in Melbourne. They took a cue from Cut Copy and seemingly evolved that sound. They're also on the newest Kitsune Maison compilation, so check out their digs.

Treefight For Sunlight is Danish twee-pop at it's finest. This MP3 is so just so goddamn catchy - at first, it's almost too happy to take seriously, but overall I feel it keeps it's integrity. This track makes me want to trip on some hard drugs and run around in the nude during a brisk autumn day, or some shit like that.

This track from Catwalk is a great piece of lo-fi garage rock. I guess desperation can sound pretty rad.

I know a lot of people would slap "chillwave" (a term I'm definitely over) on Painted Palms, but there's too much of a tropical influence here to say so. The lyrics are a bit contrived, but it's a righteous jam and it's well-mixed. Their EP is a pleasant listen.