Out of nowhere comes Dutch producer Skitzofrenix with the most massive, ball-breaking drop I have heard in a song all year. I am serious on this one - it's one of those tracks that makes you go "wow" out loud and turn down your subwoofer in fear of waking up your entire block. This shit makes me want to punch walls and get ignorant. (MP3 removed per request of Skitzofrenix)


I think it's almost compulsory to throw in a track from NON Records in every blog post. I can assure you they're not paying me; the label is just that damn legitimate. This overlooked gem of a single from the immensely unique chillwaver Palmbomen really takes me there, if "there" signifies blowing an eight ball and watching an animal sacrifice in the confines of a spaceship passing the outer ring of the solar system.

Lastly, I stumbled across this laser-filled banger from UK-based producer Subliminal and was hooked.