Here are some (newish?) tunes I've been putting in my sets recently. I'm not sure if there's any integrity in these tracks, but they can make a crowd jump if strategically placed and mixed well enough. I'm currently working on a mixtape, but don't forget to check out my previous releases on my Soundcloud.

UK-based producer Star Slinger has been blogged to death, but deservedly so. I've always dug how he slaps a French house filter on some throwback shit - and it somehow ends up always being a jam. His new EP has more of a tropical influence on some of the tracks - I suppose this is where I could use gross terms like chillwavey and laid back. Either way, scope out this release. Below is one of my favorites from the EP.

Alex Zhang Hungtai - namely, Dirty Beaches - describes himself a "trans-Pacific nomad" who has recently been churning out some of the most meaningful shit I've heard in a bit.  Viceland UK takes the words right out of my mouth...

" I couldn’t quite figure out what it was until I’d listened to the tracks over and over for about a week. The music is a bit like a drug, in that it makes you crave it over and over again, but that wasn’t what I found mesmerising. It was the refinement, the just-so-ness of every sound and effect – as if each tiny aspect of the tracks had been considered for hours and hours before committing to it. The sort of consideration and perfection that you might associate with some 70s prog band, or The Shadow Ring or Prurient or someone.

Now I have no idea whether that is the case or not – I don’t know whether Alex Zhang Hungtai is a crazy mad perfectionist with pitch-perfect hearing or he just chucked everything together and got lucky a bunch of times. I’d like to think that the former is the case. This isn’t just more of that “lo-fi” (can we lay that term to rest already please?) bedroom dreamy-pop-drone stuff thats been filling up my iTunes of late, this shit is real and deep.

Mr Beaches has currently got a bunch of limited CDs out on Fixture Records, and some vinyl in the works. Check out his MySpace immediately for loads more tracks. "

Very stoked on Jean Nipon's (Institubes, France) upcoming International Meek EP. If the cover is anything to go by, it should be nothing less than excellent. I love how the Institubes crew is pushing this sort of future-tech minimalistic sound that bangs just as hard as yesterday's electro. Jean's personal sound takes a lot from his expertise in hardstyle, hip-hop, and a Japanese-meets-French touch. Dude had a residency in Tokyo for a bit, if you didn't know.

Also, scope out his latest mixtape and have your load blown. Big things in 2011 from this guy.

Well, 2010 has been quite a year. A lot has changed for the better. I flew in from Boston a few days ago - blew up Shanghai for NYE. Picture above is related. Thanks to everybody who showed me love in Boston, Shanghai, and everywhere else! I'm putting a video together of my entire trip as of writing this.

Soft Lipa, or 蛋堡 (Dan Bao) is a Taiwanese hip-hop producer that swags on a hundred trillion with jazz sampling reminiscent of the late Tokyo-based Nujabes. Apparently there's a huge movement going on in Taiwan right now with cats trying out this type of production. I'm really into it. Soft Lipa's Winter Street LP blows my fucking mind - although I can understand maybe half of what he's saying, this music is entirely accessible for even non-Mandarin speakers. Just some chill shit to sit back to - so check it out.