Well, 2010 has been quite a year. A lot has changed for the better. I flew in from Boston a few days ago - blew up Shanghai for NYE. Picture above is related. Thanks to everybody who showed me love in Boston, Shanghai, and everywhere else! I'm putting a video together of my entire trip as of writing this.

Soft Lipa, or 蛋堡 (Dan Bao) is a Taiwanese hip-hop producer that swags on a hundred trillion with jazz sampling reminiscent of the late Tokyo-based Nujabes. Apparently there's a huge movement going on in Taiwan right now with cats trying out this type of production. I'm really into it. Soft Lipa's Winter Street LP blows my fucking mind - although I can understand maybe half of what he's saying, this music is entirely accessible for even non-Mandarin speakers. Just some chill shit to sit back to - so check it out.