I've been crawling through some of my Soundcloud followers and unearthed this really rad label being run out of Chiba, Japan. They're called Yel-owe Records, a Japanese underground hip-hop and beat label managed by Rokjoma, also known as Pigeondust, who are "are diggin mo' unknown mo' better sound anytime". Check out this track of his, backed by filtered samples swirling all over a hi-hat driven beat with a bunch of Japanese MCs switching it up every other minute. This track screams swag to me; it's just so goddamn weird and enthralling:

Bouncy Walks - Pigeondust & guests

They just put out an absolute shitkicking compilation album which is strangely available as a free download, so nab it while this label is hot.

"we introduce you unknown good artists living in japan.
artist's average age is 19.8!!
and of course its Free Download"

Then we jump over to South Sagamihara producer ILL-SGIMOTO with another lo-fi superb track. There's a certain uniqueness to the way the Japanese have taken on this genre that I love: