A few friends and I are starting something I'm excited about here in Asia. China is a huge, still largely untapped country full of interesting people and ideas. We want to do something about it.

HOUSE OF D is an international nightlife collective based in China. Our goal is to bridge Chinese alternative nightlife culture with the West and create something unique in the process. We accept any contributions from anyone that will forward our effort.

We do not make a profit; we are trying to connect a nightlife culture to both sides of the globe. I'm asking any producers / DJs / artists to submit something that they would like promoted in mainland China. We will be mostly net-based but will print limited edition materials (mixtapes, stickers etc) that we will distribute internationally, combining Chinese and Western expression.

If this sounds like something you are interested in, we are stoked to hear from you.

Things we like:

- People who seek culture over profit
- Original productions or remixes
- Mixes under 20 minutes



D房子是一个国际性夜店活动组织社团 。我们的目标是在缩小中西方夜生活文化差距的同时打创并融入独特的国际性新时尚理念。无论来自何方,无论来自何人,无论何种捐助形式我们都会接受并以最好的努力来感激 大家。